Osteopaths are NHS Allied Health Professionals and as such have been able to remain open during the Covid lockdowns: coming to see me at Long Lane Osteopathy is a healthcare appointment under the current regulations.

There are stringent infection control protocols in place in clinic in order to comply with the advice and guidelines from Public Health England, the Institute of Osteopathy, and the General Osteopathic Council, and to make your visit to clinic as safe as possible.  Some of these measures are listed below: 

  • Non-essential items have been removed from clinic in order to minimise sites of potential cross-contamination.
  • All surfaces are sanitised after every appointment, and the floor is steam cleaned after every appointment too. 
  • Couch covers, pillow cases and fleece blankets are used for just one patient and are changed and laundered after each appointment.
  • The clinic room is aired after every appointment to disperse any potentially aerosolised particles and, weather allowing, a window may be left open during your appointment in order to enhance airflow in the room. 
  • I wear a FFP2 face mask during each appointment and, depending upon circumstances and the techniques used at your appointment, I may also wear a face visor. 
  • Payment continues to be accepted by cash, card or online BACS transfer.  You are welcome to continue to use your PIN for card payments and the card reader is, of course, sanitised after every use.
  • Toilet facilities are available but, because the toilet is in the main part of our house, I would kindly ask you only to use the facilities in case of urgency.  This will minimise the risk of COVID-19 cross-contamination into our home.

Because of the requirement for room cleaning and airing after every appointment,  I will have fewer appointments available than usual, so please be patient if I can’t fit you in as quickly and as flexibly as I could pre-COVID.

I am required to have a pre-appointment screening call with you before a face-to-face appointment. In the first instance this screening will need to be done by telephone call, most likely the day before your appointment. Screening for subsequent appointments will be done by text message.  

Amongst other screening questions, I will be asking you about any COVID-19 symptoms you may have. For my health and safety, and that of all my patients, I can’t stress enough that if you have any symptoms, or indeed feel unwell in any way, you do not attend clinic. If you develop symptoms within 5 days of your appointment, you must also let me know in order that I can take the necessary steps to alert any other patients who may be indirectly affected.  

All patients are required to wear a surgical face mask for the duration of their appointment. If you arrive with a fabric mask then you may be asked to change it for one of the clinic surgical masks.  You will also be requested to wash your hands as soon as you come into the clinic room.

In order to reduce the chance of cross-contamination, I would also kindly ask you to bring the absolute minimum of personal possessions into the clinic.

Social distancing of 2m – even 1m for much of the time – simply isn’t possible during hands on treatment. We will, however, be distanced during our initial consultation. Also, appointments will be timed in order to ensure there is no overlap of patients. If you require a chaperone then that is still fine of course, however the chaperone will also need to wear a mask and will also need to have a pre-appointment screening call.

If you want further clarification regarding the new clinic protocols, or just want a bit of a chat or reassurance before making an appointment, then please do get in touch. This is all new to me too! Leave me a message on the clinic landline, my mobile, by email or using the website's contact form, and I'll get back to you just as soon as I can.